Store Transformation


Transform the In-Store Experience

Although there’s no denying the rising importance of the digital realm, the physical store is still at the heart of a consumer’s shopping experience.


The NCR Store Transformation solution offers industry-leading technology that meets the needs of both the retailers and consumers. Our solution enables engaging and flexible shopping experiences that make consumers feel their in-store time is well spent, encouraging them to return time and time again. The solution also helps retailers solve for increasing labor costs and provides multiple checkout opportunities, empowering self-service, reduced wait times, and a simplified checkout process.


We believe in creating seamless, convenient shopping experiences that create more meaningful interactions between shoppers and store associates that not only earns loyalty, but also delivers on your brand’s promise. 

Customer Engagement

Seamless Journeys

Future Readiness



Ready to reimagine the store?


Find new opportunities for boosting consumer engagement & revenues

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