Outdoor Payment Terminals

Fight fraud and boost your business beyond the pump with OPTIC, our forecourt outdoor fuel payment solution.? ??

Unlock the full potential of your forecourt.

When your customers start the fuel pump, what happens next? Do they just wait to fill up, then drive off? Not if you have NCR OPTIC. With OPTIC, they see personalized forecourt advertising that drives them inside to buy higher-margin offerings, like foodservice. Outside, they’re focused on meaningful content, like weather, traffic and even games. That’s how you turn transactions into relationships. And with full contact and contactless EMV compliance and a flexible architecture, plus two sizes that fit major pump brands, that’s how we make it easy.


  • Add all kinds of content and services to your forecourt experience,?thanks to our deep catalog of retail APIs (that also integrate into foodservice orders and loyalty systems).
  • Make system maintenance easy.?Our cloud-based architecture means you can remotely deploy software patches, security updates, new media content or diagnostic reports from a single site to all pumps.
  • Use the fuel pumps you already have?with our retrofit kits that work with your pumps, no matter how many different models you maintain.

NCR OPTIC 12 is a fully-integrated, self-service solution for accepting EMV, magnetic stripe, barcode reading, mobile wallet and contactless payments. With a big and bright 12.1” duraTOUCH? touchscreen that’s weatherproof to virtually any condition, it provides a stunning display for interactive content that truly connects your customer base as they’re fueling.

NCR OPTIC 5 is an all-in-one outdoor payment terminal tailor-made for outdoor fuel retailing. It comes with a vibrant VGA display, integrated chip-card reader, contactless reader, thermal printer, and 2D barcode scanner. Carefully sized, OPTIC 5 is small enough to fit standard pump heads or pedestals, yet large enough to house a 5-inch display with a user-friendly interface that helps engage customers and build your brand.

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